"Rasika Kothalawala Dancing School" was established in year 1990 with a very small group of students by two of our admirable dancing gurus Mr.Mahinda and Ms.Suvineetha who are the founders of Rasika Kothalawala . At present more than 250 students are attached to this dancing academy under the guidance of the master Rasika Kothalawala.

Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts, First class (Honours) degree from the University of Visual and performing arts, Mr. Rasika, a master who possesses exceptional dancing skills has contributed his intact effort to upgrade and nourish the academy to move forward. It is what he expects, to gift what he has gained through learning "Art of Dancing" academically as well as by his own experience, to the future generation. Thus he is a well dedicated master for teaching and works hard to train students who seek his guidance and support to learn dancing from this institute.

His first dancing concert named "Salaru" was staged at Maradana Tower Hall in 1998 and was able proved that he is not only superior in up-country, low-country and foreign dancing but also an expert in designing theater costumes and playing various musical instruments. The second concert of "Salaru" was staged in 1999 and the students of Rasika Kothalawala won the first place at the competition conducted by Art Institutions and they were talented to win the first place in the contest – "Jana Natum" as well.

As a remarkable event of the journey of Rasika Kothalawala , it's first Kala Eli Mangalya Comprising of six students was held in 23rd June 2000 at Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya.In year 2005, team of Rasika Kothalawala was lucky enough to participate for the ceremony of Asian Games and to reveal its talents internationally. During the same period, it won awards of "Best Actor" and "Best Child Mudra Natya" for the stage drama "Swarna Hansa" at the competition of National Mudra Natya, Also Rasika Kothalawala has been honored for its special folk dancing creation "Kosu natuma" which has been introduced by master Rasika as a thought of himself.

In year 2006, academy won the first place for a dancing event at the National Dancing Competition and at the same time Rasika Master was recognized at national level and obtained the "Best New Creator" national award. Also the creation of master Rasika "Wanara Raja" was highly appreciate by the audience and it was able to win awards for "Best Actor", "Best Background Design", "Best Music" etc. In year 2006, "Wanara Raja" was recognized as the "Best Child Mudra Drama".

Rasika Kothalawala , which is being flourished with the recognitions and commendation of the people is targeting to continue its journey with the talented young blood to spread out the "Art of Dancing" through out the atmosphere.